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Judith Sherman and Husband Walter

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I am Judith Sherman (call me Judy if you like). I am a published author of "The Treasure Box Series-- Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness" and "The Treasure Box Series, Special Edition: Sex, What About It".  I am still working on adding books to the series so future volumes are in the works.  For more information about me or the books, go to The TreasureBoxSeries.com Amazon.com OR Ourdaysolutions.com.  

Some of you may not know me by the books I've written but you might know me by the blogging I have done for the past several years:

  • Blogs About Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Food Storage
  • Blogs About Politics, Patriotism, the Founding Fathers, and Transition of America,
  • Blogs About Business, Health, Life, and Family.  My focus is on these subjects because much of my experience the past several years has been on helping people with personal, family, and business questions. 
  • As such, much of my writing now is in the form of blogs about business, family, and Network Marketing.

    These topics are important to me and (judging by the response my sites get), it appears these topics are important to you as well. For this reason, most of my writing is on these topics. 

Now that I am again working in the Network Marketing industry, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), many of my blogs will be on success principles for life and business.  With more than forty years experience in and out of various Network Marketing businesses, watching the changes and growth of this industry and learning along the way, almost begs that I share what I know with you who are now in Multi-Level-Marketing.                                                                                                                                           

Our team is empowered to use the tools in our possession to help you succeed in your pursuits and to help you improve unacceptable conditions in your life. We will be pleased to talk with you about this when you are ready. 

Because we are now in an MLM, you may ask us about building a new and growing independent business in Network Marketing.  One of the benefits of MLM is the ability to be mentored by an association of very successful business people when you prove that you are serious about changing your life's circumstances.                                                                   

Our Approach

We offer Rday Consulting Service for business owners.  You may want to ask Walter about growing your business by limiting employee turnover; putting yourself on a solid track to success and increase profits. 

The first consult is free to assess your situation and to identify gaps and opportunities. 

The next visit will suggest a plan and work out the cost and a schedule. 

Quality Services

We offer several types of services that should help you get what you need to grow your business and ensure your success with greater profits.

Why Call Us?

Who is Judith  (Judy) Sherman? 

I help people set up an online marketing business to expand their clientele or consumer base. Also, with my on-and-off years in Network Marketing, counseling people on how to be a business builder by promoting success principles has been beneficial for our associates and businesses today. 

Although I am NOT a licensed "Life and Family Consultant", I do listen to people's concerns with a kind ear as they talk to me about things that concern them; and, at times, I may counsel them about business, life, and family.  I have a natural love for people and so I am usually easy to talk to. 

The experience I've gained from building my own websites provide some degree of expertise for setting up websites that promote an internet business.


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